We're happy to answer all questions! If you have additional questions, please fill out our contact us form. 

What types of shirts can you work with? All kinds! We've had clients send us everything from high-quality button-ups to T-shirts - we will always produce a fabulous product. 

How long will I get my order package after I place an order? Within two weeks of receiving your item - you will receive your Refashioned Memory!   

I am not good at measuring - can I just tell you my little one's size? Absolutely! We do make it very easy to provide measurements for a custom dress, but if you would like to go off of basic size, please just note in the order form. 

I LOVE my Refashioned Dress - will you be making clothes for boys as well? Yes, little boy clothes are in the works - stay tuned 

Do you do custom designs? Absolutely. Our team of seamstresses can get most any job done. If you have a custom request, please fill out the contact us form and we will provide pricing. 

Can I feature my kid on social media and tag you? Of course! We always appreciate our fans and customers. We love the love. #RefashionedMemories