About us


My name is Carli Grant. I am the founder of Refashioned Memories. Refashioned Memories is an organization that achieves many things that I hold close to my heart. From recycling and reusing materials to creating sentimental moments and memories in people's lives, this project has brought me so much pride and gratitude. 

I get to work with wonderful people. Hear such powerful stories. Seeing how an article of clothing can hold so much meaning and quickly recreate feelings of a moment of time is incredible. I know I felt this way when I started at my kitchen table, refashioning my husband's shirts into dresses for our daughter. 

As a customer, I would like to thank you for working with us. My personal goal is for every customer to feel as though they are reliving an important moment or memory when they open their Refashioned Memory for the first time. 


Carli Grant